Taking Bonuses

Taking Bonuses


This is an extremely important decision to make, don't make any mistakes here! With so many casinos out there and so many bonuses to take, you need to make sure you get one which is good for you and make sure you also understand the terms and conditions of that specific bonus.


With the experience I have, I can see the mistakes that people make when taking bonuses and not understanding what is involved when taking one. Things to check:


Eligible for the Bonus?

Are you eligible for the bonus? Some bonuses are specifically welcome bonuses only available to first or second time depositors. Others may be date or day specific.


Minimum Deposit

Is there a minimum deposit you need to make in order to redeem the bonus?


Excluded Games

Check out which games you can not play on the bonus and make surenot to play them! You don't want to ‘win' some money, just to be told that it is in fact void. As upsetting this is for the player, we have to be aware that there are terms and conditions written in black and white that you can't argue against.


Playthrough/Wagering Requirements

As the casino is offering you free money, you need to check out what you need to do in order to withdraw money and/or if it is even withdrawable! You will find that if you take a bonus, you will most likely not be able to withdraw the money straight away, even if you hit the jackpot in the first game you play. When taking a bonus, you need to make a certain amount of ‘wagers/bets' in order to cashout. This will depend on how much you deposit and the bonus you receive. All different games have different playthroughs, for example, slots usually has a lower wagering requirement than blackjack does, as with other table games.

The proven odds are – Take a bonus = more money to play with = more chances to win! Have patience!


Anything else?

Read the terms and conditions of the bonus thoroughly. 5 minutes of your time is worthwhile. If something isn't clear to you or you want to know more, make sure to get clarification from the customer support at the casino.