Slot Video Slot

Have you ever had a desire to design your OWN slot machine!?

This is a seriously cool innovation from Microgaming that has only been in the dreams of slots lovers up until now, and has just come true! My Slot Video Slot. The Belle Rocke group of casinos are the first to be offering this original and unique slot which is a 5 reel, 9 pay-line machine.

My Slot Video Slot is the answer to online slot players demands. If online poker players can customize their avatars and play tables, then why can't slot players join in on the fun also!? Not only can you customize your slot machine by adding your own personal photos, graphics and background colors, My Slot Video slot goes even further in letting you be able to change the sound effects and music, which can easily be uploaded from your computer to make a completely personalised slot game that nobody else owns in the world!

And don't fret, you don't need be a computer whizz to be able to do this either – My Slot Video Slot offers a step-by-step and user friendly interface, that any computer user, albeit beginner or advanced, will be able to use with ease!